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Welcome friends!   I have always believed that art and creative work is most successful and gratifying when it’s approached from a quiet, mindful, contemplative state of mind (and body).

I practice this in my own creative art and I encourage this in others by sharing meditative methods and mindsets in drawing and art-making.  My teaching work is seeded in the belief that everyone has gifts to share, whether artistic or otherwise, and in recognizing these, they gain the ability to see the light that shines from within as well as the light in others. 

I am a:

  • Weaver of Lines: Celtic Design,  Knotwork, Visual Journaling, Zentangle®
  • Weaver of Fibers: Tapestry / Inkle Weaving Jewelry and Paper Jewelry Artist
  • Spirituality and Art workshop facilitator
  • Certified Zentangle® Teacher
  • Fiber Arts Instructor
  • Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator

Contemplative Art Classes, Workshops & Retreats:
In-person workshops and retreats in Vermont, New England, across the US and Abroad
Guest and returning workshop leader for art and faith conferences
Online individual course offerings on Skillshare and soon this site.
Team teacher for online multi-instructor courses such as The Black and White Journal

Spend an Art & Spirit-filled New Year’s Retreat & Respite with us in a very special place: