About Sadelle

  • Do you need a weekend away in a peaceful place?
  • Looking to spend an extended New Year’s Weekend exploring the connections of art and Spirit?
  • Looking for some respite from the crazy busy world in a peaceful place?
  • Do you long to find some new perspectives and practices that will send you into the New Year with a hopeful feeling?
  • Imagine giving yourself a unique creative experience held in a beautiful reflective location….

Art as Meditation - A Pilgrimage in Pen and Ink: New Year's Retreat at Pendle Hill

Bring in the new year and reflect on the old as you invite Spirit into the process of meditative art practices. Explore quieting drawing methods that encourage and nurture creative flow, and contemplative mark-making. Experience a pilgrimage into creation, play, and worship, where you’ll learn to let go of expectations, tame our inner critics, and pay attention to process over product.

This New Year’s,  experience a “Pilgrimage in Pen and Ink” with Ann Coakley and I in the beautiful setting of Pendle Hill, in Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Sadelle Anne Wiltshire, Contemplative ArtsSadelle Anne Wiltshire is a weaver of lines, fibers, websites, circles, connections and whimsy.   A long time resident of Vermont and a Quaker,  Sadelle’s art and creations have been rooted in the focus and flow that comes when one is present with Spirit.    She enjoys sharing this love with others, in teaching and mentoring.

“I have had a love affair with meditative arts since I was young.  I love the rhythms and soothing focus in playing with and creating patterns from yarns, threads, wires, paper, paint, pen and ink.  I LOVE teaching contemplative arts and encouraging the connection of the inner voice with art.”

These are some of the classes and workshops available:

Journaling the Labyrinth
Labyrinth** Workshops and Retreats
Celtic Knotwork Artistic and Contemplative Workshops
Zentangle* and Meditative Drawing Workshops
Art as a Peacemaking Tool
Art as a Contemplative Practice
Spinning (fibers) as a Contemplative Practice
Tapestry Jewelry
Inkle Woven Jewelry
Paper Jewelry
and more…

* I have been a Certified Zentangle Teacher (aka CZT – Zentangle is a quieting method of drawing structured patterns and abstract artistic creations) since 2011.  More about my Zentangle work can be found at tanglevermont.com
** I am also a Veriditas-Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and lead a variety of secular, artistic and faith based programs using the labyrinth as a path of inner discovery.  See www.thetangledlabyrinth.com for a little bit of my labyrinth work and art. 

Contact me directly for a list of workshops or themes if you are interested in hosting me for a workshop.