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In-person classes on hiatus until April 2018
Contact me to book an in-person class for your venue or art group for later this year and 2019!

Online Celtic Courses

A Trinity of Triquetras, Celtic Knots Made Super Simple

New Online Knotwork Class: Drawing Heart & Pretzel Knots

Celtic Knots Made Super Simple Intro Class on Skillshare

Iona Abbey Lecturn

After years of scribbling with Celtic Knotwork I was re-energized last year by a personal pilgrimage abroad and made a vow to find ways to make this beautiful, ancient and intricate art more accessible to folks wanting to learn from scratch.  I’ve probably read and combed through most of the books in print on the topic, and happy to bring some nuggets of wisdom and help you dive into knotwork, from freeform, to gridded or plotted out intricate borders.   I teach live classes in New England and beyond, and this year am starting to offer them online!